When tasked with designing an en-suite bathroom as part of a whole- house project, interior designer Ozge Caglayan focused on creating a look that complemented the adjacent main bedroom. I opted for a modern English aesthetic,’ she says.

Making best use of the space was one of the main priorities in this room,’ says Ozge “The old bathroom failed to do that and didn’t allow for the inclusion of a shower. With this in mind. I reconfigured the layout, removing the existing integrated bath and replaced it with a classic freestanding design. Stealing space from the adjoining bedroom also allowed for the addition of a spa-style walk-in shower.


All the materials I opted for have been carefully chosen to achieve cohesion throughout, says Ozge. A dark blue is used on both the wall cabinets and the bath, having been custom matched. A brushed brass finish is used throughout, from the basin and bath taps shower and vanity stand to the mirrors and wall-mounted towel rail, while large-scale marble-effect porcelain wall and floor tiles echo the marble of the vanity”


I wanted the scheme to have a sense of depth and permanence so I chose natural stone and handmade wallpaper to achieve this, says Ozge. The owners wanted soft lighting, which was a great choice. I chose wall lights with a fluted shade and pendant lights to allow the light to be altered to create different moods.”


As well as being beautiful, the marble-effect tiles bring texture to the space,’ says Ozge. ‘My main focus was to create a bathroom where my clients can feel comfortable, but which still has a sense of luxury.


“To capture that modern English aesthetic we opted for Drummonds products, says Cage Not only do they perfectly combine skilled artisanship wab quality materials, but choosing from a single we helps create a unity of style that it would be hand to achieve otherwise It’s a very calm ndaxed space that cates stand state materials and finishes”