Çağlayan says, “Wood, by its nature, is a material that stands entirely against haste. It requires patience when working with it, and if you give it enough time, you can personally observe the unique journey of each component. In my studio, I focus on bringing this journey of wood to light, exploring the traces of time that some components have witnessed for decades, even centuries.”

Using traditional craftsmanship techniques where patience and slowness are key, Çağlayan transforms wood into designs that reflect its true nature. With her minimalist, sleek designs that can also serve functional purposes in our living spaces, she sets herself apart. Visiting the workshops of wood artisans in Turkey and continuously honing her skills in traditional methods, the designer utilizes every new piece of knowledge and each different technique to create forms that embody the authentic identity of wood. Her simple language that can harmonize with various lifestyles signals that her designs can be found everywhere.